Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support
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Our Vision
Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd envisions a more inclusive society where every pregnant teenager needing support will not feel estranged or marginalised.

Our Background
Babes was launched on 22 February 2005 as a programme under Beyond Social Services. From 1999 to 2003, an average of 5 babies were abandoned each year. We felt that teenagers with unplanned pregnancies needed support so that they do not resort to drastic measures out of desperation and ignorance.

Our perception that teens lacked support arose out of a 2004 study on teenage pregnancy in Singapore by PromiseWorks which revealed that pregnant teens lacked information and support and needed assistance and guidance.

Babes was positioned as a service for teenage girls in a pregnancy crisis. A 24-hour SMS helpline was chosen as the medium of communication as it was an approachable, friendly and non-threatening way for these girls to contact us.

In 2013, Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd was spun off from Beyond Social Services as a separate organisation in order to provide more focus on the issue of teenage pregnancy.

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